Home Staging

You’ve seen it… Maybe you even lived in it. You know that home with the hideous, out-dated wallpaper, awful wood paneling or loud obnoxious paint color. Room after room filled with so much mix-matched furniture, it looks like a flea market sale. And the collection of knick-knacks on every inch of every flat surface is so dizzying it makes you want to run away screaming.

Of course this isn’t a description of anyone’s dream home. When searching for the perfect place, one wishes for an inviting entry, a large comfortable family room, a gourmet kitchen, a peaceful, upscale hotel suite bedroom and a luxury spa-like bathroom. You are not only selling property but a feeling and a fantasy that will entice the buyer. The homeowner’s emotional attachment often prevents them from creating this ideal environment.

Home Makeovers by Melinda will prepare your home to appeal to the widest variety of house hunters. We will showcase your home with proven staging techniques like better flow from one room into another, clearing out the clutter, de-personalizing and swapping furniture and accessories around to enhance the strengths of your home and downplay any weaknesses. The better your home looks the quicker it will sell and for more money.

So before you put that for sale sign in the yard, call Home Makeovers by Melinda to stage your home to make an unforgettable first impression and let that buyer see your home as the home of their dreams.